Five Ideas… ways to promote Dry January at your SU

Wednesday 06-01-2016 - 10:07

The new year is a time for resolutions and healthy living, and more than two million people are expected to give up alcohol for the first month of 2016. Dry January has really taken off over the last few years and the benefits felt by those who take part mean it will continue to grow. Here are five reasons why having a month off drink would be good news for students on your campus.

Improve your health

An alcohol-free month can do wonders for the health of regular drinkers. Previous participants of Dry January have reported losing weight, sleeping better and having clearer skin. There’s also evidence that a prolonged period without alcohol can lead to higher energy and better moods, therefore actually helping you beat the January blues.

Save money

The average adult spends over £40 a month on booze, and many students spend much more than that. Going a month without drinking can also alter your habits in the long term, meaning fewer mornings staring at an empty wallet. Giving alcohol a miss is an easy way to save cash, not least because it immediately stops any drunk online shopping!

It’s the best time of year

Dry January has grown year on year and the chances are that at least some of your friends are doing it. This means you can provide each other with moral support and you certainly won’t be the only sober person on a night out. Following the excesses of December, it is also likely that your body and bank balance will be more thankful than ever!

Alcohol-free student events

Students’ social lives, particularly at university, is often depicted as being all about alcohol – which isn’t a fair reflection. Students’ unions organise an incredible range of social activities and, as part of our Alcohol Impact programme, we have been working with SUs to increase the number of alcohol-free events. So use Dry January as a way of promoting your range of events.

A chance to try new things

Some people do see alcohol as the default option for social occasions, but there’s no reason for not drinking to mean not going out. Why not promote Dry January as an excuse to visit your town's cultural sights? And imagine all the exciting food you can try when not just going for the beer and a burger!

And remember, Dry January isn’t necessarily all or nothing. Falling off the wagon doesn’t mean that you’ve failed and may as well drown your sorrows for the rest of the month. Students could aim instead for a ‘Generally Dry January’ and still feel much better for it!

More information on NUS’ Alcohol Impact work can be found here

Alcohol Concern’s Dry January page has more information on the health benefits and can be found here


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