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Tuesday 10-02-2015 - 18:00

NUS is a democratic membership organisation which is led by full-time officers and volunteers who are elected at our conferences each year.

There are plenty of ways in which you can participate in the work of NUS and help lead different areas of the organisation. Here are five ways you can become a national representative.

1. Run to be a full-time officer

Running to be a full-time officer at NUS is an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the student movement. NUS has 19 full-time officers who are responsible for the political leadership of the organisation. They are accountable to a membership of nearly 600 students’ unions, and responsible for representing the voices of seven million students. The full-time officer roles are paid positions and contribute to the strategic direction of the organisation. As you can imagine, these are challenging roles, however support is given throughout your time at NUS to help you excel. The full-time officers are elected into position by student representatives at conferences which take place between March-May.

Election information relevant to each role is detailed here and you can run to be a full-time officer by submitting this nomination form before the close of nominations on Wednesday 4 March at 12 noon.

2. Run to be on a procedures committee

The Democratic Procedures Committee (DPC) and Liberation Steering Committees are made up of enthusiastic people who are passionate about ensuring NUS’ democratic procedures are fair, effective and accessible. DPC has five positions available and information about each Liberation Steering Committee can be found on the conference hubs. Liberation conferences are taking place between March and May; and National Conference takes place on 21–23 April.

These roles require team players, good communicators, problem solvers and people who can attend the relevant 2016 conference. Nominations for DPC and Liberation Steering Committees open and close during conferences where they’re elected.

3. Run to be a student trustee

Student trustees are there to ensure that NUS is operating properly as an organisation, free from risk and financially secure, in order to support our campaigning work. The election to the Trustee Board takes place on the final day of National Conference.

You can stand to be a student trustee by submitting a nomination form before the close of nominations on Wednesday 15 April at 12 noon.

4. Run to be on the National Executive Council

Volunteering to be a National Councillor is a great way to shape the work of NUS. As a member of the National Executive Council (NEC) you can really scrutinise the political and strategic work of the organisation. At meetings held five times a year, National Councillors provide political leadership to NUS; they deliver feedback from students’ unions and they review the work of the elected officers and hold them to account.

You can volunteer to be a National Councillor by filling out this nomination form before the close of nominations on Wednesday 18 March at 12 noon. 

5. Run to be on a Liberation Committee

NUS has four Liberation campaigns which represent students who are marginalised in society. These are; Women students, Black students, LGBT students and Disabled students. Each of these campaigns has a respective conference and is led by a full-time officer and a committee of volunteers who support the officer in the work of the campaign. Dates for each of the above conferences can be found online here.

If you self-define into a Liberation campaign, speak to your students’ union about attending a conference as a delegate. Nominations for voluntary committee positions open and close on Conference floor.

Are you interested in any of the opportunities to become a national representative mentioned above? Further information can be found by visiting out National Conference and Conference websites. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of the Executive Office team on


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