Five Ideas... to send your reps to Course Rep Conferences

Thursday 19-11-2015 - 14:26

Course rep conferences bring student reps together to discuss key issues in higher education and offer opportunities for them to develop in their role. Here are five reason why your reps should get involved!

1. Practical workshops about their role

Course rep conferences give reps a chance to learn more about education issues, develop their skills as a rep and think about their next steps. Workshops are practical, interactive and written to be relevant to course and class reps.

2. Networking and sharing practice

Your reps will have the chance to network with other reps from across the country, from a variety of different institutions and subject disciplines. With so many different people in the room, good practice is easy to find.

3. Updates on key national developments

It’s an exciting time in the world of higher education policy, with big shake-ups on the table in the form of the quality assessment review and of course the Green Paper and TEF. Your reps will be introduced to these issues, and the staff workshop stream will go into more depth for those staff who work to support representation in students’ unions.

4. Reflecting on their course

For the first time we are introducing subject-based discussions, allowing reps to consider what a quality education looks like in their subject or disciplinary context, and how ‘excellence’ differs (or doesn’t) between different subjects and disciplines.

5. Cheap and accessible

We’ve lowered the fee to £10 per delegate and lunch is provided. We are holding one session in the North, at Leeds Beckett SU, and one in the South at Goldsmith’s in London, both on Saturdays so your reps won’t miss any classes. We hope you can make it!

Course Rep Conference South: Saturday 6 February, Goldsmith’s SU

Course Rep Conference North: Saturday 13 February, Leeds Beckett SU

Find out more and register here:

Registration closes on Friday 29 January


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