Five Ideas… throwing a General Election results party

Wednesday 06-05-2015 - 17:29

Are you thinking of throwing a General Election results party and in need of some tips? You’ve come to the right place…

If you’re staying up with either David Dimbleby or Jeremy Paxman and looking for some inspiration to make your evening as fun as possible, we’ve put together five ideas to do just that. Just add friends.  

1. Pin the pledge on Clegg

Yeah that’s right, Mr. Clegg, students still haven’t ‘gotten over it’. To play this game just print out an illustration of a donkey, attach a photo of the Deputy PM to its front take it in turns to pin some copies of our infamous pledge (which called for MPs to vote against a rise in tuition fees) where the donkey’s tail should be. Blindfolded.   

Haven’t got a printer? Just play our Election Elephants game online at  

2. Plaid and Seek

A Welsh twist on a party classic. No one’s ever too old for a game of hide and seek but why not give it an election facelift by introducing a Leanne Wood mask.

The rules are simple - the person who’s hiding slips on the mask featuring the Plaid Cymru leader before the rest of the party start searching. Will you be able to find them faster than they can say ‘ready or not, we’re coming to find you’?

3. Don’t yoU KIP!..

Staying up late into the night with a group of friends? Why not get competitive by agreeing that the first person to fall asleep gets a glass of water poured over them.

4. A good old fashioned Sweepstakes

Think you can correctly guess the winners of all 650 seats? Great. Do your friends think different? Even better. Download a blank constituency map, grab some coloured pens and guess the outcome of the General Election by colouring in the map according to which parties you believe will secure each seat*.

If it goes to sudden death you could get really geeky by taking it in turns to predict which parties, if any, will go into coalition.

*Pro tip: the constituencies of Houghton & Sunderland South and Washington and Sunderland West are likely to be the first to declare (at 11.00pm and 11.30pm respectively), so it’s probably best to start with those two!

5. Last but not least, don’t forget the refreshments.

A good party needs decent snacks. Especially if you don’t want your mates to abandon you to catch the last bus home.

Our top suggestions would either involve you rustling up a ‘rainbow coalition fruit salad’ or partaking in a communal game of ‘first past the toast’, whereby you place a pile of toast in the centre of the room and stage an eating contest. The first person to eat a majority of toast wins…


If you’re planning on throwing a General Elections results party and you’re doing any of the above, or something completely different, tell us about it on social media using the hashtag #GenerationVote


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