Five Ideas… how to get involved with COP21

Thursday 15-10-2015 - 14:27

We’re less than two months away from COP21 – the UN climate talks, where global leaders will come together to negotiate a binding agreement to keep global temperatures below two degrees warming for the first time ever.

We want to see 80 per cent of fossil fuels left in the ground, and a transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050. And we need to let our leaders know that the student movement demands bold action on this, whatever agreement they come to.

On Thursday 22 October, we’ll be holding a day of action on COP21 to show our movement’s support for global action on sustainability. Here’s five ideas for how you can get involved

1. Craftivism

Hold a stitch-in at your students’ union to help create a banner which we’ll be carrying at the student bloc of the climate march on 29 November.

Dozens of unions are making an individual square of this huge banner, with a personal message of support stitched into it. Read more about the idea here, and download a template. It’s a great way of getting new people into climate activism.

2. Share a photo

We’ve got a bunch of photo templates to help you show what we want to see at COP21.

Why not print a bunch off and spend some time going around campus to get photos of other students too? Tag @nusuk and hashtag it #COP21 and we’ll share the best across the day.

3. Contact your MP

You can use our online tool to contact your local MP and tell them how important bold leadership on this agenda is to you.

But don’t stop there. Send them a letter. Arrange a meeting. Really make sure they know how passionate your union is about government taking real action on sustainability, on a local, national and international level.

4. Hold a COP21 simulation

COP21 can be quite a dry and difficult thing to explain to people who don’t already know about it, so why not bring it to life with a full blown simulation (materials provided by our friends at CliMates).

Talk to some of your political societies to see if any would want to host one. Everyone gets to pick a country, and you. It can be a really engaging way of making the issue around climate justice a lot more real to a huge number of people on your campus.

Set a date and announce it next week, and you can use it to keep momentum up between now and the talks.

5. Flashmob

An opportunity to be really creative. Whether you want to take on the destruction of the fossil fuel industry, the inaction of our leaders, or want to celebrate a vision of an alternative way of living – a flashmob on campus could be super fun and engaging.

Get a few people together, plan a suitably theatrical intervention, have some fun with it, and share the videos online!

Whatever you’re doing to take action on COP21 next week, make sure you tell us about it, and share it online with the hashtag #COP21. It’s up to us to let our leaders know we need bold action on climate justice in Paris.


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