Five Ideas… for being fair this Fairtrade Fortnight

Tuesday 03-03-2015 - 16:16

Our student movement has a proud history of ethical procurement, making sure that we support businesses which reflect our values. That’s why we love Fairtrade.

This week, we’re thinking about five ideas for how you can be fair this Fairtrade Fortnight.

1. Stock one more Fairtrade product

This Fairtrade Fortnight, we want to see all students’ unions commit to selling one more Fairtrade product. It doesn’t matter what it is – just something you aren’t selling yet. Make the pledge today and share it with the rest of the movement.

2. Think bigger – it’s not just bananas!

It’s easy to forget how many products you can get Fairtrade. Too many people stop at bananas and coffee. We could be thinking so much bigger.

What about putting Fairtrade wine behind your bar? You could have a tasting night to raise awareness and, if people like it, it could become your house choice.

And it’s not just stuff you eat and drink. What about hoodies? Our Fairtrade clothing company Epona Clothing currently works with loads of students’ unions, but we could triple our positive impact if we all stocked Fairtrade hoodies.

There’s hundreds of products you could be stocking – why not expand?

3. Shop locally.

The values of Fairtrade aren’t something we should be adopting now and again as a hobby. They’re something which should be embedded into our lifestyles.

One of the foundations of Fairtrade is ensuring that workers are properly compensated for their work, helping to reshape the economy in a fairer and more sustainable way.

You can also do this by buying locally. This means that more money goes directly to the producer, benefitting the local community rather than international corporations. This is exactly what Fairtrade is designed to do, and we can be supporting this mission locally as well as globally.

4. Be proud of the values.

Fairtrade isn’t just some abstract ‘right thing to do’. It makes a real difference to people’s lives, and helps tackle economic injustice at a systemic level.

It goes to the heart of our core values as a student movement. From tackling gender inequality to providing access to education, the Fairtrade minimum price and premium promotes our principles of collectivism and equality in communities across the world.This is what we stand for. We should be proudly and loudly supporting it, not just looking for a guilt-free cup of coffee on the way across campus.

5. Bake a cake.

Everybody loves cake. Some people say they don’t, but they’re wrong. Bake them a cake.

Sharing food is a great starting point for sharing ideas, so why not use Fairtrade ingredients to make yummy treats to give away in your students’ union building? It’ll be a great way to start conversations about the importance of supporting the mission of Fairtrade, and people will go away with a positive, chocolatey feeling about the cause.

Make sure you take people’s dietary requirements into account, and have some options for everybody. It’s only fair.


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