Find out who was elected during NUS Sections Conference 2016

Tuesday 15-03-2016 - 14:35

Last week, delegates at NUS Sections Conference came together to elect NUS’ incoming International Students’ Officer, Post-graduate Students’ Officers and Part-time & Mature Students’ Officers for the 2016 – 2017 term.

Sections Conference is the head policy making body of International, Post-graduate, Mature and Part-time students.

Without further ado, we can now announce who was elected in Milton Keynes…

International Students' NEC members:

- Mostafa Rajaai (FTO, NEC)

- Deborah Hermanns (NEC - EU Place)

Post-graduate Students’ NEC members:

- Abu El Magd 
- Mahamid Ahmed

Part-time & Mature Students’ NEC members:

- Esther Green

Our new and returning officers will take up their positions in July this year and you can view their manifestos on NUS Connect here.



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