Find out who was elected during LGBT+ conference 2016

Friday 18-03-2016 - 11:40

This week self-defining LGBT+ students came together to elect the political leadership of the LGBT+ Campaign 2016/17 and we can now announce the results.

This is an opportunity for self-defining delegates from across the UK to vote for their new full-time officers, their reps on LGBT+ Committee, the reps on Steering Committee and Trans Steering Commitee who are the body of volunteers that support the democracy of our conference.

Without further ado, we can now announce who was elected in Sheffield...

National Officers

LGBT+ Officer (Women’s Place): Melantha Chittenden
LGBT+ Officer (Open Place): Noorulann Shahid

LGBT+ Committee

Trans reps: Tobias Wolf and Luc Sei
International students’ rep: Rishabh Kumar
FE reps: Amy Smith and Harry Sumner
Black students’ rep (Women’s Place): Simin Wadiwala
Disabled students’ rep: Adam Perry
Bi rep: Laura Eagles
Open Places: Marcus Connolly, Charlotte Earney and Jo Swo
Women’s Places: Ashley Reed, Pippa Stark and Sarah Noble

Steering Committee

Open Places: Zac Snape and Adam Ladley
Women’s Place: Vee Cartright
Black place: Kevin Wilson

Trans Committee Steering

Open place: Morgan Hale
Black Place: Lucas North


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