Find out who was elected at Women's Conference 2016

Friday 08-04-2016 - 09:20

This week women students came together to elect the political leadership of the Women's Campaign 2016/17 and we can now announce the results...

This is an opportunity for women from across the UK to vote for their new full-time officer, their reps on Women’s Committee, and the reps on Steering Committee who are the body of volunteers that support the democracy of our conference.


National Women’s Officer: Hareem Ghani

NEC 2nd Place: Amelia Horgan

Women’s Committee

Trans reps: Rowan Davis

International students’ rep: Hansika Jethnani

FE rep: Anjelina Imtiaz Qureshi

Postgrad Rep: Katie Capstick  

Black students’ rep: Joy Teddy-Jimoh

Disabled students’ rep: Tasmia Salim  

Lesbian rep: Heather Wood

Caring Responsiblities rep: Ruth Raymer

Bi Rep: Rosie Booth

Open Places: Debbie Doyle, Iqra Hussain, Scarlett Langdon, Katherine Mellor


Steering Committee

Jessica Goldstone

Sidra Hussain

Jayne Leese



Shape Our Work, Women

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