Find out who was elected at Black Students' conference 2016

Tuesday 31-05-2016 - 14:49

This weekend Black students came together to elect the political leadership of the Black Students' Campaign 2016/17 and we can now announce the results...

This is an opportunity for Black students from across the UK to vote for their new full-time officer, their reps on Black Students' Committee, and the reps on Steering Committee who are the body of volunteers that support the democracy of our conference.


National Black Students’ Officer: Aadam Muuse

NEC 2nd Place: Barbara Ntumy

Black Students’ Committee

Womens reps: Esme Allman, Hannah Dualeh & Jaffrina Jahan (job share)

LGBT+ Women reps: Yasmin Gasimova & Fope Olaleye (job share)

FE reps: Angelina Qureshi, Myriam Kane & Rizwan Qureshi (job share)

International Non-EU rep: Beatrice Carey

Disabled students’ rep: Julian Canlas & Sofiya Ahmed (job share)

LGBT+ Open reps: Emmanuel Agu & Kelechi Chioba (job share)

Postgraduate rep: Daniel Asaya & Hussam Hussein (job share)

Mature students rep: Lord Apetsi & Deej Lashley-Johnson (job share)

Open Places: Harris Ahmed & Sarah Nwafor (job share), Leah Francis & Ilyas Nagdee (job share), Sahara Choudhury & Ilyas Moge (job share)


Steering Committee

Ibrahim Ali

Joseph Madyembwa

Sayed Alkadiri

Steering Committee (Women’s places)

Naomi Smith

Shabina Raja


Black, Shape Our Work

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