Fifteen students' unions taking action on harmful drinking

Monday 10-08-2015 - 13:08

Fifteen new partnerships have already signed up to take action on harmful drinking culture this year. Why don’t you join them?

Alcohol Impact is our new accreditation scheme which made seven campuses and communities healthier and more inclusive last year.

It’s not about getting students to stop drinking. It’s about helping students to make better choices and develop positive habits during a key moment of change. It’s about taking action on a serious welfare issue.

Last year, our seven partnerships completed nearly 300 actions, reaching almost 100,000 students. Over the year, we saw changes like:

  • Offering non-alcoholic spaces at flagship students’ union nights
  • Providing alternative social spaces in halls to cut down on pre-drinking and offering food
  • Putting top line policies and working groups into place to promote institutional reform
  • Working with the local community to take action on alcohol related crime
  • Creating new transport links to create a safer nightlife across our cities

We know that some aspects of drinking culture in higher education need to be tackled.

85 per cent of students say they think excessive drinking is expected of them, but we also found that 40 per cent of students think alcohol has a negative impact on their life in general.

Alcohol Impact is changing things for the better. Students at the participating institutions reported drinking to get drunk less often, and are far more likely to strongly agree that they don’t need to get drunk to have a good night out.

Building on this success, we’re really excited to work with loads more institutions and students’ unions this year – with fifteen signed up already, ready to work towards their accreditation over the year ahead.

There’s still time to sign up for Alcohol Impact this year, and drive positive change on this crucial welfare issue.

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Alcohol Impact

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