Feminist spaces and LGBT+ History Month

Friday 03-02-2017 - 15:00

This is a guest blog from Heather Wood, Lesbian Representative on NUS Women's Committee.

This week marks the start of LGBT+ History month. Within this we must discuss the importance of observing LGBT+ History Month within feminist spaces. This month serves as a celebration to the LGBT+ community and as an opportunity to educate and fight oppression. This festival of equality is celebrated all over the UK. So should LGBT+ be placed within feminist spaces or should we leave them alone, as LGBT isn’t Feminism, is it? 


Well; feminism is the goal to achieve total gender equality and justice for all genders. We fight to challenge those who discriminate or cause injustice to people because of their gender. However, feminism can’t and shouldn’t be solely focused on cis white women. It needs to include intersectionality at its core, to be an available space for those who identify with the social, biological and cultural groups that are oppressed by a patriarchal society and white supremacy. Because no women are free whilst others are oppressed. This is why it is vital to include and recognise LGBT+ History Month within feminist spaces. As feminists we need to use this month to stand in solidarity with those who face oppression due to their gender and their sexuality. The feminist movement needs to be strong, with right-wing leaders becoming more popular by the day, we cannot allow our movement to fracture due to de-alignment. This is why the past protests and campaigns against the ‘Muslim-Ban’ cannot be fought alone. The entire movement needs to support our siblings in this latest act of islamophobia, because no one behind the Muslim-ban will ever support the minorities. We are all human and we all deserve the right to equality. This is why we need to use LGBT+ History month to educate, and use it as a reminder to fight not just for your own rights but for your siblings. We are stronger as one.



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