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Friday 18-11-2016 - 10:40

All my FE membership should be signing up to our Lead and Change courses before 23 November.

These are our flagship training courses for FE officers to get the skills and knowledge to be effective leaders. It’s also a great time to meet each other and to hang out with me!

Thanks to Richard and his team for making sure this year’s courses are lined up to be the best yet – with great venues, quality content and experienced trainers.

We have one in Manchester on 30 November and one in London on 1 December.

The cost is £79+VAT which is subsidised by NUS to make these events more accessible to FE people. And they’re only one day so you don’t need to stay the night anywhere. I know this is still a lot to some FE students’ unions but I promise it will be worth the money.

Before these courses though I want to see as many of you as possible at the National Demo on #Nov19. I don’t need to tell you anymore how important it is to save Further Education and all our students from cuts and harmful mergers.

We’re going to make our voices heard on the streets.




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