Fairtrade Fortnight: We are making a difference

Tuesday 08-03-2016 - 10:58

Some of you may be aware, that I spent the first week of 2016 in India. I am absolutely behind Fairtrade fortnight which started last week.  

NUS and Fairtrade have very aligned values. Fairtrade is all about treating suppliers fairly, paying a fair price, paying a premium to make farmers lives better. At the heart of Fairtrade are messages around education, equal rights for men and women, no discrimination on grounds of religion or race, freedom of association and a respect for the environment. These are all things that we campaign on here. With the work we do with Fairtrade and Epona, we are not just campaigning, we are making a real difference to people’s lives. Bit part progress is not an option anymore. Only when our actions truly reflect our values and we as a movement go fully Fairtrade can we be content.

Richard Brooks


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