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Monday 29-02-2016 - 13:26

We’re really excited to announce the details for LGBT+ Conference, which takes place in Sheffield this year, and the open of nominations for the LGBT+ Awards. Read on to find out more about the the interesting workshops and speakers you can expect over the three day event and submitting nominations for the awards.

Nominations are now open for the awards of 3 Liberation Conferences – Disabled, LGBT+ and Women.

Each year dedicated students, officers and unions go the extra mile to improve the lives of students who define into one or more Liberation campaigns. This is chance to reward this work and best practice within universities and unions recognising the hard work unions and officers out in ensuring campaigns are effectively supporting the students they represent.

How to enter:

Please fill out this form you can submit as many nominations as you like for as many different awards / liberation campaigns.

The winners will be announced at the gala dinners of the campaigns’ annual conference.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Holly Townsend  


NUS LGBT+​ Conference details for registered delegates

Every year the NUS LGBT+ Campaign brings together delegates from students’ unions over three days to elects the political leadership and policy for the coming year. Over the course of conference delegates will have the chance to attend workshops on issues pertinent to LGBT+ students.

During the day delegates will hear from some fantastic organisations and individuals on the importance of topics such as estrangement and violence against sex workers. Our confirmed speakers include:

  • Stand Alone, who support adults that are estranged from their families. This year we have worked hard to support LGBT+ students who are estranged (as studies show they are one group who are at a particularly high risk) so it’s great news that they’ll be attending conference to speak about estranged students and how those on campus can support each other.
  • National Ugly Mugs, who provide access to justice and protection for sex workers. This has been a big area of work for the LGBT+ and Womens’ campaigns this year, so we’re really looking forward to hearing how policy and legislation affects LGBT+ sex workers in particular.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops during conference, following up on some of the things they will have heard speakers discussing and also learning and developing a better understanding of some of the key campaigns the NUS LGBT+ Campaign is currently working on.

Workshops this year include:

Family estrangement and its impact on students – Becca Bland, Stand Alone

This session is led by Stand Alone, a charity working with students who are studying without the support of a family network. Together we will present some key information about the vulnerabilities of students who are estranged from their family, barriers to success and strategies to help students who are in this position.

National Ugly Mugs: ending violence against sex workers – Alex Bryce

The aim of this session is to give a basic introduction to sex work in the UK and the issues faced by sex workers, particularly stigma and violence.  The session will also look at different ideological positions, policing, legislation, and the impact of all these on LGBT+ sex workers. The session will also introduce the National Ugly Mugs site as a useful and potentially life-saving tool for sex workers.

Domestic Violence – Broken Rainbow

This workshop will look at domestic violence in LGBT relationships, the support you can offer to people in violent relationships. You will also be able to find out about the service provided by Broken Rainbow and what you can do to keep this vital service continuing.

Pride and the Prejudice in Education - Robbiie Young, NUS LGBT+ Officer (Open Place)

This is an opportunity to find out about the NUS research the looks into the experiences and perceptions of sexuality and gender identity of post school learners. You will have an opportunity to look at the recommendations and what you can do to get them implemented.

NUS LGBT+ Conference takes place from Tuesday 15 - Thursday 17 March 2016 at the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria, Sheffield. 


Registration for the event has now closed


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