Everything you need to know about Disabled Students Conference 2016

Wednesday 02-03-2016 - 12:05

We’re really excited to announce the details for Disabled Students Conference, which takes place in Manchester this year. Read on for the interesting workshops you can expect over the three days and how to register your place.

Every year the NUS Disabled Students Campaign brings together delegates from students’ unions over three days to elects the political leadership and policy for the coming year. 

Delegates will also have the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops during conference, to learn and develop a better understanding of some of the key campaigns the NUS Disabled Students Campaign is currently working on.

Workshops this year include:

Mental Health Support and Suicide Prevention – Sally Thomas, NUS
This workshop will give you information about good practice that is happening within the movement around suicide prevention and will also introduce you to the toolkit produced by the Disabled Students’ Campaign and how you can use it to improve work in your SU.

Welfare Cuts
You will hear out about the devastating Welfare cuts and their impact on disabled students and other communities. You will also explore what you can do locally to fight them and act in solidarity with other anti-cuts campaigns.

Leadership Development – Bindz Patel, NUS
This workshop will explore the specific challenges that you face as a disabled leader and how you can develop and authentic leadership style that builds trust and engagement with collaborators.

DSA – Sally Thomas, NUS
This workshop will look at the government’s changes to DSA, what the likely impact will be locally and how you can protect this vital support for students at your institution.

Points of Influence – Bindz Patel, NUS
Here you will explore what opportunities you have to shape decisions and improve your influencing skills to create change on issues in your institutions

Accessible and effective direct action
Explore what makes an effective direct action and approaches you could use to ensure they are as inclusive and accessible as possible.

NUS Disabled Students Conference takes place from 22 - 24 March 2016 in Manchester


Nominations are now open for the awards of 3 Liberation Conferences – Disabled, LGBT+ and Women.

Each year dedicated students, officers and unions go the extra mile to improve the lives of students who define into one or more Liberation campaigns. This is chance to reward this work and best practice within universities and unions recognising the hard work unions and officers out in ensuring campaigns are effectively supporting the students they represent.

How to enter:

Please fill out this form you can submit as many nominations as you like for as many different awards / liberation campaigns.

The winners will be announced at the gala dinners of the campaigns’ annual conference.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Holly Townsend  


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