Erasmus+: Brexit is a threat to Scottish students opportunities

Wednesday 14-08-2019 - 16:01

The Minister for Higher Education, Further Education and Science, Richard Lochhead, has written to the UK government seeking clarification of the future of the Erasmus+ exchange programme in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Following the release of this letter, NUS Scotland Liam McCabe has also commented, saying the uncertainty of the situation "beggars belief."

NUS Scotland President speaking at the Stirling for Europe rally last year

“To be weeks away from a potential no-deal Brexit, without a clear plan for the continuation of Erasmus+, it absolutely beggars belief," said Liam.


“Proportionally, Scotland has the most students taking part in Erasmus+ of any UK country. It offers students – especially the most disadvantaged students – social, cultural and educational opportunities that would be difficult for them to access otherwise. Those opportunities must be protected.

“It’s clear that the Brexit approach of the UK Government is a threat to the opportunities of students in Scotland, the UK and across Europe. The UK government must set out how it plans to maintain Erasmus+ in the event of a no-deal Brexit, in discussion with devolved administrations and, crucially, students.”


NUS Scotland

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