Epona have something new to collar your attention at NUS Trade Show

Tuesday 30-06-2015 - 12:58

Epona’s Fairtrade clothing range is made for your customers by people with ethics beyond what you’d expect and they’ll have something new on offer at the NUS Trade Show 2015.

Epona, the Fairtrade clothing company owned by NUS, has been through a brand refresh focusing on the core customer, their aspirations and desires whilst maintaining the focus on working with factories where the workers are fairly treated and paid.

All the time, the heritage of Epona stands true, caring for the communities that created the garments that make the memories of your students. Their new range is centred on the principle of students looking good and feeling good too by making a simple choice to purchase a Fairtrade item, safe in the knowledge that the people who produced it will have the opportunity to educate their children, build equal communities,  and furnish their own memories, too.

In the last year, the company has worked hard to develop an opening price point product that students’ unions can sell at £22 comfortably, without compromising quality or ethical standards.


Alongside a revitalised brand, Epona will also be introducing a new range of colour options, giving you contemporary shades to stock alongside your traditional garment colours. The updates in design and cut are on trend and influenced by top names from the US and UK. A new POS will also support sales in your students’ unions with resonance that will draw your customer in.

Epona will be based at Stand 46 during this year’s NUS Trade Show, where they’ll be showing off their new brand and range of garments, and telling you all about how your students’ union can believe in a better way to source its merchandise.

What’s more, if you pay them a visit and drop in your business card, you’ll be in with the chance of winning an item of clothing from their new range.

NUS Trade Show takes place at the Bolton Arena on Thursday 9 July.


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