Endsleigh at #nusScot15: Housing problems and how to deal with them

Thursday 19-03-2015 - 18:40

Endsleigh are hosting a stall at NUS Scotland Conference 2015 looking at common housing problems and how to deal with them

Dealing with living arrangements can be a stressful task, whether it’s your first time living away from home in halls, or as a second year and onwards looking for other accommodation. 

More than likely there will be a number of issues that rear their head, and although it’s practically impossible to be prepared for all circumstances, here are a few tips on how to deal with them if they should occur. Anything missing from our list? Make sure to contribute your opinions on housing through the Endsleigh Housing Survey, conducted in collaboration with NUS.

Getting along with people

First and foremost, apart from the very small minority of cases, you won’t be living in your chosen halls or in a house by yourself, so learning how to live comfortably with others is a must. Arguments with flatmates can quickly make everyday tasks like cooking or cleaning into awkward, uncomfortable meetings. Always be yourself, but crucially be considerate towards everyone you live with and attempt to understand their point of view. If you seek to understand, hopefully you can discuss any issues that might arise rather than cause a rift.

Knowing who to call

If there are issues with anything in your accommodation you’ll need to know who the best person is to speak to. If a light bulb blows, you’ll need to sort it yourself, but if there are issues with your water pressure for example, then it’s best to leave it to a professional. Landlords should provide a list of workmen they use to deal with such issues and they are the ones who need to be contacted, although speaking to the landlord directly first is suggested. In the case of an emergency such as smelling gas in the house, you need to immediately call your gas supplier to sort out the issue. Get those emergency contacts sorted and to hand in case you ever have need of them.

Reducing costs

If bills are not included within the cost of rent, finding the best provider at the best value is essential in budgeting. Looking round for deals prior to moving in ensures you don’t go without any necessities, such as the internet. Ensure where possible contracts are for 9 month rather than 12 so you aren’t overpaying for the summer months where you are likely to be home in between course years. 

Sharing out jobs

Now and again your house will be in need of a clean and unfortunately that can mean pointing a finger rather than raising a hand. You could create a cleaning rota or some sort of chart to see who’s done what, or you could just go ahead and do what needs to be done as you notice it. If each of you takes the initiative when necessary then there’ll be no need to quarrel over cleaning; just make sure flatmates who aren’t pulling their weight are given a friendly reminder now and then

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