Eliminate Domestic Violence Now

Monday 24-11-2014 - 17:33

Domestic Abuse is usually something that is not spoken about much in public unless a tragedy has happened. This is something that has to change and time is of the essence. 

Guest article by: Shakira Martin, NUS Women's Committee FE Rep 

Trigger Warning: This article discusses domestic abuse

We need to educate the next generation in building healthy relationships and understanding their values and self-worth and move from this taboo of not openly discussing that domestic abuse happen in many households.

Domestic Abuse has no forms discrimination and does not just affect a certain type of person or people. Domestic Abuse is not only between people in a relationship but can also be between family members of both heterosexual and same sex relationships; it is not always physical but also financial and emotional. No matter what type of domestic abuse is experienced by an individual this is WRONG and should never be accepted.

As a woman  in further education who has experienced domestic abuse it is vital that we educated  students about the myths and stigmas around domestic abuse and signpost them to the services and organisations that provide support. Due to the set up on FE institution many victims of domestic violence suffer in their home outside of college hours and therefore feel that they cannot seek help within the college. We need to encourage and support student within FE to seek help if they feel that are at risk. We need to support them to not be a victim but a survivor in their own right.

Every single person has the right to live without fear of another person and it is our role as a community and student leaders to bring this to the forefront of peoples mind and say “NO” to any forms of domestic abuse.

We're really happy to be working with EDV youth council to highlight domestic violence as part of our #RelcaimYourCampus 16 Days of activism campaign - we have also worked with them to develop this Eliminate Domestic Violence Toolkit.

"As the next generation we can all make a positive change to our society and future generations. The GFEDV youth council aims to contribute in making this positive change and to provide a platform where young people can work together to eliminate domestic violence. As part of the future generation, we need your support and would like you to spread the word across your campus about the Domestic Violence Awareness Day. The aim of this day is to raise awareness about domestic violence and to encourage young people to actively work with us and be the voice of change for our society." - Carine Packer, EDV YC Vice-Chair

I hope you’ll join us on the national day of action on the November 28th. 



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