Election Results to the Direction and Oversight Boards 2017

Wednesday 10-05-2017 - 11:12

SU Officers for 2017/18 have been elected to the Direction and Oversight Boards!

Your Purchasing DOB officers have been elected.

For information on how to be nominated and run for election, please visit our Governance pages.

For our Purchasing DOB, we are happy to annouce that the following candidates have been elected unopposed.




Name: Darren Clarke

Constituent member: Staffordshire University Students' Union

Officer position: Full Time Officer


Name: Ellie Keiller

Constituent member: University of Birmingham Guild of Students

Officer position: President



Name: Ran Magnusdottir

Constituent member: Royal Veterinary College Student's Union

Officer position: Postgraduate Officer


We currently have positions available for SU Officers on the Epona, UnionCloud and NUS Extra DOBs. for more information please contact the Governance Team.



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