Election results to the Advisory Groups 2017

Wednesday 10-05-2017 - 11:29

We can now announce the results for Student Officers that have been elected to the Charity Advisory Groups.

We have elected Student officers to the advisory groups for 2017/18!

There are still some positions that haven't been filled, so if you are interested, please contact the Governance team.

The following candidates have been elected unopposed:

Student Opportunities

Name: Ruth Wilkinson

Constituent member: Kent Union

Officer position: Full Time Officer

Name: Emily Andrews

Constituent member: University of Gloucestershire Students' Union

Officer position: Full Time Officer

Student Union Quality

Name: Ran Magnusdottir

Constituent member: Royal Veterinary College's Student Union

Officer position:Postgraduate Officer

Environmental Sustainability

Name: Sam Pillow

Constituent member: Staffordshire University Students' Union

Officer position: Vice President

Name: Kristina Kjonigsen

Constituent member: Roehampton Students' Union

Officer position: Environmental Officer

Name: Shane Voight

Constituent member: Brighton Students Union

Officer position: Ethical & Environmental Officer


We currently have 2 poisitions available on the Talent Development Advisory Group, as well as one position on the SU Quality Advisory Group.


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