Election results from Women's Conference

Thursday 09-04-2015 - 10:58

Following a count of ballots for the NUS Women’s Committee and Steering Committee elections, a full list of results from NUS Women’s Conference can be found below.

National Women’s Officer:

Susuana Antubam

National Executive Council 2nd Place Representative:

Cindy Asokan

Open Places (x4)

Kariima Ali

Naomi Beecroft

Airlie Aird Ogilvie

Josie Throup

Bi Representative:

Bee Bishop

Disabled Students Representative:

Kara Gravells

Lesbian Representative:

Lily Huggins

Black Representative:

Nia-Cerise Conteh

International Representative:

Hayley Jane

Caring Responsibilities Representative:

Angie Normandale

Further Education Representative:

Talitha-Zoe Kearsley

Trans* Representative

Anna Lee

Steering Committee (x2)

Stephanie Bundock

Fee Wood



Shape Our Work, Women

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