Election results from LGBT Conference

Thursday 19-03-2015 - 16:27

Between 17-19 March 2015, Sheffield saw almost 300 students descend upon the city for our annual LGBT Conference.

This is an opportunity for self-defining delegates from across the UK to vote for their new full-time officers, their reps on LGBT Committee, and the reps on Steering Committee who are the body of volunteers that support the democracy of our conference. 

Full-time Officers

LGBT Officer (Women’s Place): Fran Cowling

LGBT Officer (Open Place): Robbiie Young

LGBT Committee

Trans reps: Morgan Hale and Reubs Walsh

International students’ rep: Pippa Stark

FE reps: Emma Hall and Charley Hasted

Black students’ rep (Women’s Place): Amar Shabandar

Black students’ rep (Open Place): Noorulann Shahid

Disabled students’ rep: Christopher Pike

Bi rep: Hannah Stewart

Open Places: Tommy Snipe, Tommy Parker, Theo Antonious-Philips

Women’s Places: Vee Cartwright, Melantha Chittenden, Sarah Noble

Steering Committee

Open Places: Matthew Chadkirk, Luke Allan

Women’s Place: Laura Lunn-Bates


LGBT, Shape Our Work

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