Don't Cut Me Out - NUS Wales urges Assembly Members against cuts

Monday 29-02-2016 - 17:08
Rosie ellen

Today, NUS Wales joined forces with UCU and UNISON Cymru Wales to unlock Wales’ potential and commit to properly funding post-16 full time and part-time learning as part of the ‘Don’t cut me out’ campaign.

You can read more about their efforts here.

The event was held at the ATRiuM Building in Cardiff at 12.30pm and its aim was to get Assembly Members to value the importance of investing in lifelong learning, ensure a fair deal for students and see the benefits of part-time, flexible learning. A wide cross-section of political parties were invited to the event and lay members spoke about the importance of the lifelong learning sector, as well as the benefit to making education more inclusive to adult students’ needs.

According to recent research, large cuts to post-16 education have disproportionately hit those from disadvantaged communities, women and minority groups. Also, the vast majority of adults returning to study on a part-time, flexible basis must often do so without the support or co-operation of their employer.

Speaking of the campaign, Ebbi Ferguson, Deputy President of NUS Wales, said:

“We must widen access to education. Our colleges and universities offer a vital second chance to adults who want to develop their skills and to those from disadvantaged communities.”

She also stressed the importance of not cutting funding, and the effect that doing so would have on under-represented groups, including women.

"We need to make sure that part time students are treated as equal as full time students" @Ebbi_Rose

— NUS Wales (@nuswales) February 29, 2016

UCU Wales and UNISON Cymru Wales echoed her concerns, explaining that adult students need to be able return to education without being disadvantaged for doing so and that Welsh Government need to put financial provisions in place so that this can happen.

The three unions distributed campaign postcards at the event, asking their members to complete which will then be dispatched to respective Assembly Members. You can access an electronic version of the postcard here.


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