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Monday 01-12-2014 - 11:08

Our movement is one of the most progressive sectors of society, but we’re always working to make sure our leadership is as diverse and representative as possible.


Last year, we launched the coaching programme I Will Lead The Way to ensure that women are proportionally represented across our leadership. This weekend at Black Students’ Winter Conference, we were proud to extend the programme to include Black students – going even further to create a movement which truly reflects our membership.

The barriers which keep Black students from running for election are complex and varied, which is why we’re offering the targeted support of a coaching programme like I Will Lead The Way. Exploring these issues in a meaningful way, we can create both individual and systemic change across our movement, and even wider society.                                                                                 

We’re looking for students interested in being coached, as well as Black leaders from across our movement and beyond to sign up to be coaches. Get in touch for more information or sign up here.

Of course, the work of diversifying our leadership has to extend across all liberation groups, and so we’re not stopping at women and Black students. Over the coming months, we’ll be extending the programme to LGBT and disabled students as well so that together we can:

  • Increase the representation of officers and presidents who self-define as women, Black, disabled and/or LGBT.
  • Ensure that those who self-define as women, Black, disabled and/or LGBT have every opportunity to progress.
  • Provide networking opportunities and build relationships between those who self-define as women, Black, disabled and/or LGBT.
  • Lead organisational change
  • Foster organisational diversity

Ensuring that our leadership is as diverse as possible isn’t just about living our values. It’s about making sure that our movement is as strong as it can be, with our leadership properly reflecting our membership, and enriching our voice with the diversity of wider experience.

I Will Lead The Way is a crucial part of putting equality and diversity right at the core of our leadership, and we’re excited to see barriers to representation eroded over the year ahead.

Visit and sign up as a coach or coachee today.


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