Dear UCL: Own Up, Pay Up!

Monday 10-08-2015 - 15:05

An open letter to management at University College London

Cockroaches, mice and mould. Not to mention the incessant noise from construction works that keep students awake at all hours - this is what you are charging £150 a week for the luxury of. The situation at UCL is a national disgrace and brings shame on your institution.

Due to your negligence, students are living in squalid conditions with squeezed incomes and high levels of stress. This is a result of ongoing issues in your accommodation which you have failed to address. I am writing to urge you to finally own up to your failings and pay students what they rightfully deserve: an adequate sum of compensation.

In six months UCL residents have had to petition, protest, even withhold their payments in what has been a committed and principled rent strike in Hawkridge and Campbell halls. Your response? A five week wait before a official complaints are responded to, and a bitter (not to mention illegal!) threat of suspension for all those protesting.

With such dismissal of valid criticisms, it seems as though all you are interested in is taking students’ money and deceiving them off until the academic year is over.

We have been made aware of various instances where you have broken contractual agreements and failed to meet regulations. The National Union of Students is working with UCLU to support the students that have been affected and report the issues to the UUK Student Accommodation Code. Now it is time that you offer the students whose year you have impeded a decent settlement, and I implore you cede to their collective demands for compensation.

Yours in anticipation,




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