Day In The Life: Edward Shorney (GoRookie)

Wednesday 18-03-2015 - 12:19

To coincide with National Apprenticeship Week last week, we asked Edward Shorney, a former apprentice and now Managing Director of GoRookie, an apprenticeship matching service, to document a day in his life.

Whilst on the Pathways to Apprenticeship course in Mechanical Engineering last year, Edward Shorney came up with the idea for GoRookie, an apprenticeship matching service along the lines of UCAS.Edward was inspired to set up the service by his experience of applying for apprenticeships, in which he was met with the problem that the only websites available were not fit for purpose.

GoRookie was created specifically to assist companies to find the most suitable apprentices for them, as quickly and easily as possible and to help aspiring apprentices find and apply for apprenticeships on the website using a one click process. 

Eighteen months on, it’s now a vibrant, young limited company helping employers find aspiring apprentices to enhance their businesses


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