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Tuesday 06-10-2015 - 16:52

At the July and September meetings of the NUS National Executive Council a number of motions were passed to support demonstrations.

Many of these motions have called for these demonstrations to be advertised to students’ unions for their support. We’ve put these together in a handy guide to upcoming demonstrations, the key dates and how you can get involved.

4 October: TUC demonstration at Conservative Party Conference

NUS supported the TUC demonstration outside Conservative Party Conference on Sunday 4 October, where National President Megan Dunn spoke in opposition to the government’s plans to scrap maintenance grants.

17 October: Open Dover, Open Europe Demos

As passed in a motion in September’s NEC meeting, NUS is endorsing the ‘Open Dover; Open Europe’ demonstrations called for by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. The demonstration is taking place at 1pm in Dover and at 2pm in Calais. It is being jointly organised by the NCAFC, Folkestone United, Labour Campaign for Free Education, Plymouth Propaganda Group, Right to Remain, Workers’ Liberty and RS21. NUS, as mandated by the motion, is also contributing £600 to the organisers of the demonstration and £1000 to the Calais Migrant Solidarity for aid. You can find out more about the demonstration here.

4 November: National Demonstration for Free Education

Due to a motion at the July meeting of the NEC, NUS is supporting a national demonstration called for by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. The demonstration will take place in London on 4 November. The march includes calls for free education, which is NUS national policy as passed by National Conference. You can find out details for the day at the NCAFC website here.

17 November: National day of walk-out

Passed at the September meeting of the NEC, NUS is supporting a national day of walk out on ‘International Students’ Day’ on November 17. This one day walkout is designed to raise awareness regarding the treatment of international students and the wider migrant communities in the UK.

Other actions

NUS, in accordance with a motion passed at NEC, is also supporting the London Underground workers' in their dispute about pay, night working and job cuts/ticket office closures.



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