Daryl Ormerod wins Ian King Staff Award

Wednesday 06-07-2016 - 20:18

Keele Students’ Union’s Chief Executive Officer Daryl Ormerod has won the Ian King Staff Award at this year’s NUS Awards with Annmarie Evans from Aberystwyth Student's Union named runner-up.

What the judges said:

“Daryl has shown his passion and commitment working within the Students’ Union movement more recently across three different organisations, Keele Students’ Union, Aberystwyth Students’ Union and University of Cumbria Students; Union. Daryl has invested time and resources into developing both staff and officer teams, and model the attributes and traits of outstanding leadership. He has demonstrated on-going commitment to the Students' Union movement exemplifying the values of the charity sector.”

Daryl Ormerod, Keele Students’ Union chief executive, said:

“It’s very touching to win this award. I was very pleased and touched to be nominated and I wasn’t expecting to win. I don’t feel comfortable with the idea that a chief executive wins this sort of thing because my job is helping the other staff do a great job. I would like to say I accept this on behalf of all the brilliant people at Keele, Aberystwyth and Cumbria.”

Richard Brooks, NUS vice president for union development, said:

"I’m delighted to announce Daryl Ormerod has won the Staff Award at the 2016 NUS Awards. The awards are about celebrating excellence across the activities of students' unions. Students' unions make a real difference to the lives of students and the communities around them. I hope the awards show how important their work is and inspire more students to get involved. The unions that have won awards have done fantastic work over the year and should be really proud of their efforts to enhance the student experience and make our society a better place.”

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