#CutTheCosts: Three weeks to save grants

Wednesday 06-01-2016 - 16:21

Thanks to the efforts of students’ unions we are now close to securing a vote in parliament on the cuts to maintenance grants. Parliamentary rules mean that we now have just three weeks to secure and win the vote to save grants.

Motion opposing grant cuts: more MP signatures needed

A motion opposing the cuts to grants was put forward as a direct result of the Westminster lobby on 8 December.

The more MPs that sign the motion, known as EDM 829, the greater our chances of securing a debate and a vote in parliament. A vote has to occur within 40 days of the regulations being laid, so we have until 28 January to make it happen.

The motion has already been signed by over 60 MPs thanks to the fantastic campaigning by students’ unions last term.

If your MP has said they are supportive but are yet to add their name, please ask them to do so by calling their office today.

Convincing Conservative MPs

In the run up to a vote we need to focus our efforts on convincing a small number of Conservative MPs to oppose the scrapping of grants.

Only eight Conservative MPs need to switch sides to threaten the government’s majority in parliament, which stands at just 16.

A number of you are already in contact with Conservative MPs and are receiving this standard response.

We’ve put together a range of resources to help you counter their arguments and up the pressure on Conservative MPs locally:

If you have any questions about the responses you receive from MPs or the best way to respond please email



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