#CutTheCosts: Pig on Tour 23-27 November

Thursday 03-12-2015 - 16:54

Last week was a busy one for NUS’ #CutTheCosts inflatable pig as it took part in some fantastic activity in Students’ Unions across the country, networked with attendees at two SU Local events and gained its very own twitter account.

The giant pig, now officially named ‘Dave’, started last week at Edge Hill Students’ Union.

The team used its presence to publicise their attendance of the #CutTheCosts Westminster lobby on 8 December, as well as getting students to sign 45 postcards which will go out to about 20 different MPs.

Steven Rouke, President of Edge Hill Students’ Union said:

The vast majority of students here at Edge Hill are from a widening participation background which makes campaigns such as Cut The Costs particularly important for our Union.

"Historically, we haven’t been a very politically active union, meaning we do find it hard sometimes to mobilise students.

"Having the pig here had a massive impact and gave us a chance to speak to students about the consequences of this governments cuts.

"We’ve done some great work so far on Cut The Costs, with MPs agreeing to meet us in Westminster and a partnership with Liverpool Hope Students’ Union to travel to Westminster on the 8th.”

The pig proved particularly useful in attracting students who may not have heard of some of the current ongoing issues around their debt.

One student, Savanah, said:

At first I was just really excited about getting a selfie with a big pink pig, but then I found out that the government were trying to change a contract I signed without my consent.”

The pig then spent time at the Liverpool and Northumbria Students’ Unions Local events to network with student officers and staff from the North West and North East.

Finally, Birmingham Guild of Students held an extremely successful selfie contest with the pig, flooding Jo Johnson’s twitter feed with pictures and asks from the #CutTheCosts campaign.


The pig was moved around campus as students got creative online with their own pictures, videos and puns.

Tweets with the pig were collated on its very own twitter account, which also launched this week. Its tour can now be followed @CutTheCostsPig.

There’s more to come, with this week’s tour of Cumbria, Suffolk and Sunderland to go online soon and the #CutTheCosts Week of Action coming up next week.

Look out for the Westminster lobby day on 8 December, which is set to be a particular highlight of pig tour activity.

Student Unions can still sign up for the lobby here, and email for more information.

If you’d like to host the pig after the #CutTheCosts week of action, its tour has been extended. Email to book a place.

If a pig isn’t for you but you’d like more resources, there are some extra large banners available which can be requested from



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