#CutTheCosts: Leeds City College leap into action

Monday 29-02-2016 - 15:01

On Friday Leeds City College SU launched the North East Fairer Fares bus tour by consulting their students on transport costs and the importance of FE.

The officer team at LCCSU spent Friday 26 February talking to students about how much it was costing them to get into college to access their course.

This confirmed an existing problem with students paying too much to get to their place of study, and reinforced concern that the situation will worsen as a result of West Yorkshire area review outcomes.

Students covered the SU window with sticky notes detailing how much they paid weekly and why further education was important to them.

As well as their North East Fairer Fares bus, LCCSU were joined by Dave the #CutTheCosts inflatable pig and plenty of pizza.

Emily Chapman, President of Leeds City College SU, said:

“If colleges are merged to become larger and more spread out then travel and the cost of education could put students off learning.

“It’s important to make education accessible for all, yet the fear is that the area review process is that it will prevent this from being the case.

“Education is being treated as something you can buy, rather than a right."

LCCSU are celebrating their work as part of today’s Leap into Action day.

To take part, you can read more information about it here.



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