#CutTheCosts inflatable pig tour: Brighton SU

Tuesday 17-11-2015 - 14:43

Yesterday Brighton SU was the first union that NUS’ #CutTheCosts inflatable pig stopped at on its UK tour.

Students spoke of the impact of debt and high costs on their wellbeing and had conversations about balancing living and transport expenses with increasingly unstable financial support.

Molly Maher, Welfare and Campaigns officer at Brighton SU, said:

'It’s really important to get a proper understanding of the issues that students are facing to bring people together, create a strong fight back and ensure the student voice is a force to be reckoned with.

'Whether it’s cuts to DSA, the scrapping of maintenance grants or a general lack of provision around student welfare and support we need to get to the roots of our issues.

'People might assume that they’re isolated within their circumstances, but it’s on days like today that we can help them become part of something wider.

'Ahead of the #CutTheCosts Week of Action we met students who were interested in lobbying MPs and mobilising on campus, and that’s how we can turn these individual problems into communities of resistance.'

The pig is now embarking on a whistle-stop tour of UK SUs ahead of the #CutTheCosts Week of Action on 7-11 December.

Students’ unions will make use of the pig to get students contacting their MPs ahead of the Westminster lobby on 8 December, as well as signing them up to come along on the day and collating stories and experiences to demonstrate the impact of student debt.

Future tour dates are filling up with Birmingham Guild of Students holding a contest to tweet selfies with the pig to Jo Johnson and University Campus Suffolk Students’ Union creating a student portfolio to present to MPs at Westminster.

There are still spaces for SUs to host the pig during and leading up to the Week of Action. If you’d like to be one of them please email to claim a day.



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