#CutTheCosts Campaigning: Wolverhampton SU

Thursday 28-01-2016 - 14:01

Wolverhampton SU lobbied MPs hard over the issue of maintenance grants, bringing students to Westminster and keeping pressure on a member of the delegated legislation committee to secure our parliamentary debate.

Wolverhampton started their involvement in #CutTheCosts by meeting 4 local MPs for the constituency lobby day on 18 September.

They met Emma Reynolds, Rob Marris, Valerie Vaz and Pat McFadden, securing the support of each.

In December they brought a group of students to Parliament, joining other SUs from across the UK to request that MPs pray against the scrapping of maintenance grants.

All three MPs met that they met agreed to speak out against the policy, with two signing the EDM that followed the lobby.

Kulmiye Tifow, Vice President Student Experience, led on Wolverhampton SU’s involvement in the campaign and wrote about the Westminster lobby on their website.

When NUS discovered the government’s plans to cut maintenance grants via a Delegated Legislation Committee, Wolverhampton persistently attempted to contact local MP Lucy Allan, one of 18 selected members.

Since her office repeatedly failed to answer them, Wolverhampton SU spent a day leaving messages and emails.

They prepared a student to meet her before the committee in the event of getting through, adding considerable pressure despite her failure to respond.

Following Wolverhampton SU’s lobbying, Emma Reynolds spoke at the parliamentary debate on maintenance grants and drew attention to the limiting effect that the cut would have on the choices of the poorest students in Wolverhampton.



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