#CutTheCosts campaigning on campus: Bangor Students' Union

Monday 07-03-2016 - 10:54

Bangor Students’ Union are campaigning for their university to be up front about the hidden costs associated with many courses.

Following feedback from course reps last year, they conducted thorough research into the range of hidden costs facing their students.

The research found a lack of transparency on mandatory course costs and huge inconsistencies across different schools. Common hidden costs included books, printing, graduation, and compulsory course trips.

They have now produced a report recommending a series of measures, including:

  • All mandatory course costs to be covered by tuition fees
  • Transparency in prospectuses and communications around optional, additional course costs that students could incur
  • An audit of all reading lists to make sure 'compulsory texts' are necessary to complete the course, to stop students from buying books that they don't need
  • An allowance of printer credits per year for each student.

The recommendations have been sent to the university, and they will meet to discuss next steps in the coming weeks.

Vice President Education and Welfare Lydia Richardson said: “Hidden course costs are a major issue for students at Bangor.

“Managing your finances while you’re a student is tough, and costs are rising all the time.

“We’re asking the university to take action and ensure that no student is unexpectedly out of pocket.”



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