Current and former NUS Presidents outline benefit of remaining in the

Saturday 16-04-2016 - 12:00

NUS’ leaders past and present sign joint letter in support for an in vote in June’s EU referendum.

The letter, signed by current NUS President Megan Dunn and predecessors including Toni Pearce, Wes Streeting, Fred Jarvis and many more cites the importance of Britain’s membership of the EU for the education sector, and declares that “remaining in Europe is the right choice for students and young people.”

The letter can be read in full below.

As current and former presidents of the National Union of Students, we believe collaboration is at the heart of the student movement. Working together with nations that share our interests and values through the EU makes us stronger.

The EU supports the UK education sector and draws nearly a billion pounds into higher education funding and research every year. There are students up and down the country today benefiting directly from the courses and resources that come with this money. EU funding also provides an additional 15 percent on top of the UK government’s science and research budget.

The EU advances and protects the values that Britain’s young people believe in. By enshrining LGBT rights in its treaties, the EU is a force for inclusion and respect. Tolerance must never be taken for granted and we should be proud to belong to an organisation that demands tolerance of all its member states.

Remaining in Europe is the right choice for students and young people, in terms both of values and wellbeing. They will live a long time with the consequences of the vote and would be harmed most if the UK voted to leave.

Megan Dunn, NUS National President, Toni Pearce (2013-15), Liam Burns (2011-13), Aaron Porter (2010-11), Wes Streeting (2008-10), Gemma Tumelty (2006-08), Kat Fletcher (2004–06), Mandy Telford (2002-04), Owain James (2000–02), Andrew Pakes (1998-2000), Douglas Trainer (1996–98), Jim Murphy (1994-96), Lorna Fitzsimons (1992–94), Stephen Twigg (1990-92), Maeve Sherlock (1988–90), Victoria Phillips (1986-88), Phil Woolas (1984–86), Neil Stewart (1982–84), Phil Woolas (1984–86), David Aaronovitch (1980-82), Trevor Phillips (1978-80), Charles Clarke (1975-77), Jack Straw (1969-71), Geoff Martin (1966-68), Bill Savage (1964–66), Aneurin Hughes (1962-64), Fred Jarvis (1952–54)

NUS is campaigning for an In vote in the EU referendum because your students’ unions mandated us to do so. Find out more about our We Want In campaign here.


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