Course reps from across Wales get Wise at Conference

Wednesday 08-02-2017 - 16:00

Course reps from across Wales have gathered in Wrexham today for the Wise Wales Course Representative Conference 2017.

Course reps are students who take on the role of representing their peers and championing Learner Voice on courses and in institutions across Wales.

Wise Wales brings them together for its annual course reps’ conference to train them and give them the skills they need to represent their peers effectively and confidently.

This year’s conference took place in Wrexham and, for the first time, course reps from Higher Education and Further Education had two separate events.

At the HE session, held today in Wrexham Glyndŵr Students’ Union, delegates focussed on building effective campaigns on their campuses, and using their positions to raise their voices for an Inclusive Education.

Inclusive Education is the idea that anyone, whatever their background or characteristics, should be able to have access to, and thrive in, education. Who could disagree with that?

Staff from HE SUs who joined us for the day took part in the Higher Education Staff Partnership Network, and had sessions discussing developments in the HE sector, as well as panel discussions with the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (Hefcw).

Over at Coleg Cambria, FE course reps took part in sessions on being great representatives, building campaigns in their institutions, and training on speaking and presenting to their peers, their teachers, and the public.

Wise Wales is a collaboration of sector organisations working to create a culture of meaningful partnership between educators, students’ unions and students across Wales.

Thank you to Wrexham Glyndŵr Students’ Union and Coleg Cambria for giving us all such a warm welcome!

Thank you, also, to Danielle Barnard from Undeb Bangor, Jo Caulfield from Bangor University, Rob Samuel from Undeb Bangor, Rhys Dart from Trinity Saint David Students’ Union, and Dr Cliona O’Neill from Hefcw for attending and taking part in sessions.

Thank you, finally, to all the brilliant course reps who attended from both HE and FE all across Wales. We hope you found the day to be useful and enjoyable. If you have any questions or feedback, please do get in touch!


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