Continuing to lead and change for our specialist unions

Monday 25-07-2016 - 16:44

We kicked off our summer officer development programme with the delivery of the second ever specialist version of our Further Education Lead and Change training.

Following on from last year’s inaugural event, 25 delegates from six different colleges attended our Lead and Change course tailored to specialist unions.

The training - hosted by Hereward College and developed with the help of Derwen College Students’ Council - was designed to support the additional needs of students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

It paid particular focus to ensuring students studying at levels pre-entry to ‘Level 1’ are able to engage with NUS’ training, develop their leadership skills and begin to understand more about how they can both direct and engage with our work.

The course was well-received by our delegates, who took part in a variety of activities to build their knowledge and understanding around various aspects of their role as a student representative.

There were opportunities to network and reflect on shared experiences and issues that students with learning difficulties and disabilities face in their college and in wider society.

Delegates then worked collaboratively with each other, NUS officers and staff to begin developing solutions to some of these issues which can be built upon once they return to their colleges and students’ councils.

Our Vice President (Union Development), Richard Brooks, gave attendees an overview of NUS’ history before highlighting the importance of ensuring that the voice of students with learning difficulties and disabilities continues to grow within NUS and wider society in the future.

Robin Ferguson, a member of our FE Zone Committee and Derwen College Students’ Council, concluded the event with an inspirational talk which explored his own journey within the student movement, his positive experiences of NUS, and his continued fight to ensure our movement becomes more accessible and inclusive of all of our members.


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