Consent survey launched by student movement in Northern Ireland

Monday 17-12-2018 - 09:20

A survey examining non-consensual sexual experiences of students across Northern Ireland has been launched by NUS-USI. 

NUS-USI President Olivia Potter-Hughes called on further and higher education students across Northern Ireland aged 16 and older to take part in the survey to provide the largest evidence base possible on the issue of consent and sexual violence. 

Olivia said: “We believe that this is the most important and ambitious piece of research that NUS-USI has ever conducted. We want to utilise this online survey to examine the extent of non-consensual sexual experiences amongst students in Northern Ireland, so that we can build campaigning work around the findings.

“We are calling on all higher education and further education students who are 16 or over to complete this survey even if it does not seem applicable, as the more responses we receive the more accurate the data.

“We created a steering group that included Nexus, Women’s Aid, the Rainbow Project and academics, as well as students’ unions here, to help develop the survey.

“Sexual violence has to be eradicated. The more survey responses we have, the better the potential for building the strongest possible case to try and deliver additional support services for students who’ve experienced non-consensual sexual experiences, and gain commitments for additional resources for work on promoting consent.

“The responses everyone provides to the survey are completely anonymised and therefore also completely confidential.

“This survey addresses an issue which many students may find upsetting. However, we believe that this research can be used to improve and increase provision of support services for victims, and to increase funding for specialised victim support organisations, as well as increased focus on promoting understanding of consent on campuses.”



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