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Thursday 13-08-2015 - 18:11
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Congratulations to everyone receiving their A-Level results today. Whether you’ve achieved more than you expected, or less, it is important to remember there are plenty of options available to you. Education is a lifelong experience and if you haven’t decided what to do yet don’t worry: explore your options and don’t feel the pressure of picking a traditional route through education.  Volunteering, travelling, getting a job… all of these will give you experience that will help you in the future and will support any qualifications that you decide to pursue. I was on BBC Radio Wales this morning talking about the options available. Catch up here

All routes through education are valid ones. We call on the Welsh Government to ensure that the Further Education Sector that has been so severely cut over the last few years, is funded in a way that ensures students who do not choose to go to university still get the opportunity to have a great education.  FE courses are invaluable and ensure people that need a more flexible education, can still get one.

Show your support for Further Education get in touch with us and tell us how you succeeded! – Beth Button, President, NUS Wales.



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