College Students’ Association Impact Survey launches

Tuesday 24-03-2015 - 11:38

NUS Scotland has launched the College Students' Association Impact Survey to find out what college students think of their associations.

NUS Scotland has launched the College Students’ Association Impact Survey to find out what college students think of their associations, what they think you should be working on, and what barriers they face in getting more involved. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to get a real insight into what your students are thinking, as well as some serious facts and figures to back up your planning and priorities for next year. 

All colleges that get a good response rate (based on your student numbers) will receive a report detailing your results, as well as recommendations. NUS Scotland will be using the results from across all colleges to find out nationally what students are saying about associations and will help make our work relevant when supporting the development of college students’ associations over the next year. 

The survey will be open for three weeks, closing on the 7th April, and associations and colleges will get updates on a Tuesday and Thursday letting you know how many responses you’ve had so far. 

We need to get as many college students as we can completing it, and really need your help to do that. 

Here’s 10 ways that you can promote the survey:

1.    Ask the college to send out an email to all students 
2.    Send the survey to specific departments who may already have ways of communicating with certain groups of students
3.    Create a short article about the survey in relevant publications for staff and students – are there newsletters that go out regularly, for example?
4.    Link to the survey on high traffic web pages either on the SA website, or ask if the college can put the link on their website, or on the virtual learning environment (VLE/Blackboard/Moodle)
5.    Give information to specific groups of students, like class reps, the rest of the SA sabbatical and executive officers, or clubs and societies, which they can publicise to other students
6.    Send update emails explaining the number of responses the survey has to students and staff to encourage more people to fill it in. We will send this data to you twice a week.
7.    Use social media to publicise the link to the survey and why it’s relevant and important to students
8.    Ask the college to inform teachers to explain what the survey is about in class time
9.    Ask teachers to allow class time to fill in the survey
10.    Leave the website link around places like libraries, computer rooms or cafes. 

If you have any questions, get in touch with Charlotte Britton, Development Consultant ( 


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