Click & Collect gives an 'NUS extra' boost

Tuesday 13-10-2015 - 11:59

Unions around the country have seen big increases in card sales thanks to the new NUS extra Click & Collect facility.

Twenty unions are now fully-fledged Click & Collect providers with a fantastic 3000 sales already made using the new system. 

Leeds University Union has seen a huge increase in sales this year and attribute much of the success to Click & Collect.  Sales and marketing coordinator, Liam Shrivastava said: “It’s great to see the impact this is having on our card sales.  Last year from 19 September to 23 September, we sold 209 cards. This year we have sold 486 cards in the same period.  This is a 132% increase!”

The University of Surrey Students’ Union has been working with NUS extra production manager, Nigel Burrows and Euclid to produce a unique customised card that has a Mi-Fare chip embedded allowing students to access an internal ticketing system for Oyster and a contactless entry system in to events with Tixtu.   Nigel said: “This is something that I personally believe is a vast step forward in terms of what the card can deliver”.  Alex Tolley from the University of Surrey Students’ Union said: “Using Click & Collect brings students in to our building.  Sales are going well and once we start to implement the nightclub entry thanks to Tixtu and the NUS extra team, we expect sales to be even higher”. 

At the last count, The University of Manchester Students’ Union were the top sellers with 356 card sales.

Why opt for Click & Collect at your union?

Having Click & Collect is a great way to increase union footfall and gives instant fulfilment to students as they can pick up their card straight away. It’s also free of charge so always a bonus and payment is taken online via Worldpay so there’s no need for you to handle any money.  You can read more about the service here.

Why NUS extra sales are so important

•    In 2015, over 750,000 card sales meant that NUS could return £3m in commission back to students’ unions. 

•    The revenue from NUS extra means that NUS can deliver programmes and campaigns that improve lives for students



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