Chief Returning Officer opens consultation

Monday 17-10-2016 - 16:22

Chief Returning Officer (CRO) opens consultation on proposed question for National Ballot.

On Friday 14 October the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) announced that a request for a National Ballot had been received and accepted. 

The question

The CRO has now had the opportunity to review the submission and write the proposed question to be put to the membership. 

The CRO proposes the following question:

Should NUS conduct and publish a risk assessment and equality impact assessment before finalising the NSS boycott / sabotage action?

The proposed question has been decided based upon the content of the motion submitted by UWLSU and aims to be clear and balanced, in line with the main concerns of the motion and the rules associated with a national ballot. Unions are invited to read the text of both motions to help inform their response to and consider whether the proposed question meets these criteria. 


The consultation

The consultation on the question to be put is now open. The CRO will consider comments and ideas as part of the consultation and their decision on the wording of the question will be final. If you wish to respond to the consultation then please complete this form by 5pm on Tuesday 25 October 2016. The CRO will not consider any consultation responses received after this time.


Section 1100 of NUS’ Articles outline the rules associated with a National Ballot. See below.

Please note that each union’s vote will be worth the full time equivalent (FTE) student numbers in their institution (in accordance with Rule 1114). These will be the same numbers used for calculating your delegate entitlement to National Conference.

Unions may not split their vote (in accordance with Rule 1115). This means that unions will submit one vote which represents the position of the majority view of their members.

Unions must conduct their ballot in a way that is approved by their sovereign policy making body.

More guidance and any further rulings can be read here. Before voting you should read this document and ensure you understand and have met the requirements outlined in these rules. 



To enable you to start planning please see the timeline below and note that the deadline is final. 



Tuesday 18 October

Question consultation

5pm Tuesday 25 October

Consultation close

Friday 28 October

Final question announced, ballot open

12noon Thursday 8 December

Ballot closes


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