Check your costume this Halloween

Monday 21-10-2019 - 15:43

Halloween should be fun and most of us love it, but sometimes, there can be detrimental stereotypes hidden behind a costume.

In recent years, we’ve seen offensive costumes being sold, including costumes that appropriate race and culture, perpetuate sexist stereotypes and make light of the experiences of Trans people and those with disabilities.

That’s why this Halloween we want everyone to check and double-check their costume to avoid the exploitation and degradation of others. Don’t let Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia and Ableism be the real Horror this Halloween!

Useful links:

We’ve collated some articles that demonstrate what we mean by inappropriate costumes and highlight how costumes can be racist, transphobic, or examples of cultural appropriation, ableism and sexism.

Check out this article for worst Halloween costumes, Buzzfeed here (beware if you’re spooked by swearing!), examples of racist costumes here and a horrific transphobic example here. You can also take a look at NUS Scotland's blog from last year which focused on racist costumes at Halloween.

If you’d prefer to watch something instead this video explains cultural appropriation.


Here's a couple of resources that you can use to share the message:

  • Download our social media graphic here.
  • Download our A3 poster here.



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