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Friday 03-03-2017 - 13:02

Nominations have now closed for Women's Officer 2017-18. The election will take place at Women's Conference on 28-30 March.

The deadline to challenge nominations is 10 March. Challenges should be sent to

Women's Officer

The Women's Students' Officer is the lead representative of Women students in the UK and lead the work of the NUS Women's Campaign. They are responsible for acting on policy mandated at Women Students Conference and chair the Women Students Committee, who are elected volunteers. 

There is one position available.

Hareem Ghani

National Union of Students

Vote Hareem #1 for Women's Officer

Nominated by:

Sam Nicholson  UCLSU
Rachel Watters  Queen's University Belfast Students Union
Sidra Hussain  Bradford College Students Union
Rachel O'Brien  Birmingham University Students Union
Shuwanna Aaron  University of Edinburgh Students Union
Joanna Gower  Durham University Students Union
Susuana Amoah  University of Sussex Students Union
Rebecca Harrington  Oxford Brookes Students Union
Zahra Butt  KCLSU Students Union
Hansika Jethnani  SU Arts Students Union
Amy Moran Leicester Students Union
Eszter Stockl Bangor Students Union

Hey, my name is Hareem and I’m re-running to be your NUS Women’s Officer! As a student, I consistently demonstrated my commitment to liberation through my campaigns for #FreePeriods and policy to support #ShutDownYarlsWood! I founded KCL Women of Colour Network and the “It Stops Here” anti-harassment campaign. As NUS Women’s Officer, I have worked relentlessly to ensure intersectionality informs my campaigns. From leading a UK wide tour on gendered islamophobia to having launched national research into into student-staff misconduct. Re-elect me, and I will ensure that the NUS Women’s Campaign maintains its commitment to fighting for true liberation.

Read Manifesto

Read Manifesto (plain text)

Rosie McKenna

Edge Hill Student Union

#MakeItMcKenna for NUS National Women's Officer!​

Nominated by:

Angela Alexander  National Union of Students
Ceewhy Ochoga University of Salford Students Union
Izzy Lenga  Birmingham University Students Union
Kira Cox  Liverpool Hope Students Union
Ciara McDonnell  University of Ulster Students' Union 
Rachel Holland  Leicester Students Union
Sheri-Ann Bhim  Cardiff University Students Union 
Natalie Jordan  Keele University Students Union
Jess Rich  University of Essex Students Union
Gwyneth Sweatman  Trinity St David Students Union 
Jo Goodman  Birmingham City University Students Union
Helen Pritchard  University of West London Students Union
Hi friends! 
I'm Rosie, a 3rd year student at Edge Hill University, & part-time Women's Officer at EHSU. I'm running to be your National Women's Officer because I have a vision for this campaign. Working with you by being in your SUs, societies, & networks.
My priority is to work for you, build you, & make this campaign about us as a collective that supports each other, works together, & wins.
I have a vision for this campaign I know will improve the lives of women throughout our movement; just give me a chance to prove it.

Read Manifesto

Read Manifesto (plain text)

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