Candidates for NUS Vice President (Higher Education)

Wednesday 24-02-2016 - 16:03

The period of nominations for the position of NUS Vice President (Higher Education) has closed and we can now announce the candidates standing for election.

The candidates for the position of NUS Vice President (Higher Education), who will be elected during NUS NUS National Conference, are as follows:

Priscilla Mensah
Fighting Inequality in HE: Diversity First

Hi, my name is Priscilla and I am the current and first Black woman to be President of the Cambridge University Students’ Union. I am driven by my journey into Higher Education, which has taught me that if we can’t make HE accessible to all, we’re getting it wrong. I want to fiercely tackle the BME attainment gap and ensure NO student is riddled with higher fees and an unknown private owner of their student loan. I want one year to strategically tackle race and class-based inequality in HE; give me a chance to prove it



Sorana Vieru
Stick with Sorana for VPHE

Hi - I’m Sorana, your current Vice President Higher Education and I’m standing for re-election. Previously, I was the full-time PG Education Officer at Bristol SU and a student in HE for 7 years. For the past year I've led an HE campaign that stood up to government attacks on our education, won access to postgraduate funding and reduced the cost of these loans, made attainment gaps a priority in the sector and embedded liberation in teaching and learning campaigns. In a crucial year ahead for HE, stick with me to carry on the fight and deliver our vision.



Re open nominations (RON)


The position of NUS Vice President (Higher Education) will be elected by delegates during the second day of NUS National Conference, which takes place at The Brighton Centre from Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 April 2016.

We will be releasing the manifestos for all of the candidates standing for positions at National Conference online here shortly.



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