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Wednesday 17-02-2016 - 15:29

The period of nominations for the positions of: International Students' Officer, LGBT+ Officer (Open Place), LGBT+ Officer (Women's Place), Disabled Students' Officer, Womens' Officer  have now closed and we can now announce the candidates standing for election.

International Students' Officer

The candidates for the position of International Students' Officer, who will be elected during Sections Conference, are as follows:

Aman Siddiqi

For a grass roots winning campaign

Hi, my name is Aman and I am running for the Position of NUS International Students’ Officer. I have served as President of Middlesex Students’ Union for nearly 2 years now and first ran because International students weren’t represented in my University. There was a lack of events and zero representation. I am running to challenge the national narrative, to make it clear that international students are not cash cows, they should not be demonised by the policies of the UKBA, and that we should be having the difficult conversations, fighting for their rights.

Download candidate manifesto here.


Mostafa Rajaai

I left Iran for the UK in 2009 to study Photography at University of the Arts London. Over time, I became infuriated and dissatisfied with the treatment of international students such as myself. I ran for the Culture and Diversity Officer at my union for two years. During my time as a union officer, I dedicated much of my time to work on issues affecting international students. Since being at NUS, I have consistently challenged and fought against the government’s discriminatory policies. I have dedicated the past 3 years to international students and intend to continue if you give me your support.

Download candidate manifesto here.


Re open nominations


The position of International Students Officer will be elected by delegates during Sections Conference, which takes place 10- 12 March 2016.

LGBT+ Officers

Open Place

The candidates for the positions of LGBT+ (Open Place) Students' Officer ,who will be elected during LGBT+ Conference, are as follows:

Fee Wood


My name is Fiona Wood, I was the first Trans president of a SU, I was on NEC as Mature and Part Time officer. I have a proven track record of improving rights for LGBT+ students and all that have elected and trusted in me to represent their voices.
Why vote for me, I have a proven track record, I am someone who isn't scared of putting in the legwork needed to get this movement to work together and I am that someone who will ensure that every single person at this conference and within your universities has a voice!

Download candidate manifesto here.

Twitter:       @purpleprez


Facebook: /Fee4LGBT+openplace


Noorulann Shahid

For A New Narrative, Vote Noorulann

Hi there! My name’s Noorulann Shahid, I’m the Black Rep (open place) on NUS LGBT Committee, and I’m also on NUS Black Women’s Sub-committee. I am a Black, trans*, pansexual and disabled student of faith and I am passionate about LGBT liberation. I have spoken at many panel events up and down the country on feminism, faith, gender, women in leadership, and intersectionality. I am currently organising a QTIPoC consultation with the other Black Rep on committee. I am a hard-working, dedicated and relentless activist so vote for me if you want a new narrative!

Download candidate manifesto here.

Re open nominations


The position of LGBT+ (Open Place) Officer will be elected by delegates during LGBT+ Conference, which takes place 15- 17 March 2016. 

Women's Place

The candidates for the positions of LGBT+ (Women's Place) Students' Officer, who will be elected during LGBT+ Conference, are as follows:

Melantha Chittenden


Hey, I'm Melantha the LGBT Officer (Women's place) at Kent Union. I'm so excited to be running to be the NUS LGBT+ Officer (Women's Place) this conference, I want to bring a new approach to LGBT liberation, putting women at the heart of our campaign.

Getting to this point has been a journey that I'm so thankful to activists like you who have fought and continue to fight for liberation everyday.

See you at conference.

Download candidate manifesto here.

Twitter - @melantha9

Email -


Re open nominations


The position of LGBT+ (Women's Place) Officer will be elected by delegates during LGBT+ Conference, which takes place 15 -17 March 2016. 

Disabled Students' Officer

The candidates for the positions of Disabled Students' Officer, who will be elected during Disabled Students' Conference, are as follows:

Bal Deol

Backing Bal- Listening to you!

My name is Bal Deol and I want to be your Disabled Students Officer.
I've spent the last year as President of Staffordshire University SU, and I absolutely love it, but in my capacity as President, and in my previous role as Disabled Students' Officer, I felt that the national campaign could and should have been so much more for me. When you elect me, you'll be electing a DSO who is committed to building a strong, empowered, impact-driven campaign, supporting activists and developing campaigns with unions, to strengthen our campaign and push forward to win the fight together.

Download candidate manifesto here.


James Elliott

Vote James for Disabled Students Officer

For the last two years I’ve served as the Disabled Students’ Campaign’s representative on the National Executive Council of NUS.

In that time I’ve organised demonstrations, visited student unions and produced research on making our institutions more accessible.

I believe my experience of organising at both a local and national level has given me the skills to fight back, and to win.

From preventing student suicides to defending services for disabled people, our campaign must puts its resources and efforts into supporting your work locally, and building that into a national campaign to protect the rights of disabled students.

Download candidate manifesto here.


Twitter @jfgelliott

Re open nominations


The position of Disabled Students' Officer will be elected by delegates during Disabled Students' Conference, which takes place 22 - 24 March 2016.

Women Students' Officer

The candidates for the position of Women Students' Officer, who will be elected during Women Students' Conference, are as follows:

Anna Lee

Vote Anna #1 for Women's Officer

I want to be your next Women’s Officer to fight for educational, community and social spaces that all women can be part of. Being at the forefront of the NUS Women’s Campaign has inspired me and I want to push the Campaign forward across the length and breadth of the country.

There is no such thing as ‘the perfect feminist’ and we need to go much further both nationally and locally, to open the movement to those who remain excluded - through liberated representative structures, commercial services, and student activities.

Download candidate manifesto here.



Hareem Ghani

Vote Hareem #1 NUS Women's Officer

Hi! My name is Hareem, I'm a History Student at KCL and co-founder of the nationally recognised anti-harassment campaign ‘It Stops Here’. I served two years on KCL’s student council – first as women’s officer, then NUS delegate – during which I successfully campaigned for #FreePeriods, part-time activist support and consent workshops. I am currently the Co-Vice President of the Intersectional Feminist Society where I've been creating safe spaces for Muslim women and WoC. Intersectional feminism and supporting women's access to education and support services is what I'm about and I hope to extend this vision to the National Women’s Campaign!

Download candidate manifesto here.

Re open nominations


The position of Women Students' Officer will be elected by delegates during Women's Conference, which takes place 5 - 7 April 2016.


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