Candidates for Disabled Students' Officer

Friday 24-03-2017 - 11:00

Nominations have now closed for Disabled Students' Officer 2017-18. The election will take place at Disabled Students' Conference on 11-13 April.

The deadline to challenge nominations is . Challenges should be sent to

Disabled Students' Officer

The Disabled Students' Officer is the lead representative of Disabled students in the UK and lead the work of the NUS Disabled Students' campaign. They are responsible for acting on policy mandated at Disabled Students Conference and chair the Disabled Students Committee, who are elected volunteers. 

There is one position available.

Gina Cuomo
Durham University

I’m Gina Cuomo and I have sat on NUS Disabled Students’ Committee as one of your Women’s Places for the past year, and I would love to be your next Disabled Students’ Officer. I have worked hard this year to increase inclusivity and accessibility in NUS and promote inclusive teaching and defend counselling services in my own union. My three-point plan outlines how I will help make tangible change in your student experience – inclusive and accessible unions and institutions, increased communication and more practical support for DSOs. Vote Gina #1 to make our SUs accessible and inclusive!

Nominated by:

  1. Ana Colwill - Goldsmiths
  2. Jasper Williams - Bangor University
  3. Elliot Folan - University of East Anglia
  4. Heather Armstrong - University of West Scotland
  5. Sarah O'Brien - University of Reading

Rachel O'Brien
University of Birmingham

Hi, I'm Rachel and I am a final year student at the University of Birmingham. This year I have sat on the Disabled Students' Campaign as the 2nd Place, which means I also sit on NUS NEC. I also am on the committees of the Disabled and Mental Health Students' Association and Women's Association at Birmingham. You should vote for me as the candidate with the experience and track record of anti-austerity campaigning and grassroots organising - as well as the extensive work I have done this year in making NUS protests and actions more accessible for disabled students.

Nominated by:

  1. Emma Atkins - University of Birmingham
  2. Daniel Lashley-Johnson - University of Manchester
  3. Vicki Allen - University of Edinburgh
  4. Ana Oppenheim - University of the Arts
  5. Gary Spedding - Ulster University

Jess Rich
University of Essex

Hi I’m Jess, the current VP Welfare at Essex Student’s Union. I am running to be your Disabled Students Officer so that I can bring a fresh voice to a campaign that is currently inaccessible and outdated. I have both visible and invisible disabilities and I’m in this movement because I want to make sure no student has to face the same oppression I did or to be ashamed of their disability as I once was. Vote for me to be your next Disabled Students Officer for a powerful, inclusive and transformative campaign #Jess4DSO @MsJessRich

Nominated by:

  1. Charlotte Duckett - Leeds University
  2. Gabriel Phillips - University of Edinburgh
  3. Alexa Webster - FXU
  4. Marie Johannsen - University of Roehampton
  5. Alicia Gavrila - University of Essex

William Sellers
University of Exeter

I'm a third year maths student at Exeter and currently setting up the first disabled student support group at the University. Over the past three years as a disabled student, I have seen and experienced the lack of support for students suffering under a system that is not easily accessible. In Exeter, I've been working hard to support disabled students and make their voices heard. I want to use my passion and ability to implement my ideas on a national level, ensuring that the intersectionality of disabled students across the country is fairly represented.

Nominated by:

  1. Katherine Baker - Durham University
  2. Louise Nicholls - Queen Mary Students' Union
  3. Thomas Marshall - Oxford University
  4. Theodore Stone - University of Exeter
  5. Aaron Hood - University of East Anglia

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