Candidates for Block of 15

Thursday 24-03-2016 - 12:39

The period of nominations for the NEC Block of 15 has closed and we can now announce the candidates standing for election.

The candidates for the NEC Block of 15, who will be elected during NUS National Conference, are as follows:

Angela Alexander
Angela Alexander for Block of 15

I have been involved in the student movement for over two years and it has honestly been life changing. From no involvement with NUS whilst I was studying, I have progressed onto being elected to the Scottish Executive Committee as well as the FE Zone Committee and now standing to be on NEC. I give 100% to all my work and I believe that we are a strong force when we all work together and stay committed to the needs of all students. We need to stand tall together fighting for our right to a free and accessible education!

Sayed Alkadiri
Students changing Education,Society & the World

Today we see an education system, a society and a world where people are routinely disenfranchised, where power is taken from the many and placed into the hands of the few. But I refuse to accept that students can't win that power back, that students can't change education, society and the wider world. Whether it was as part of the anti-apartheid movement in the 1980s, or more recently through #RefugeesWelcome; our movement is one which achieves so many things, it makes me so proud, but it can achieve so much more. That's why I'm running for Block of 15.


Zoe Brunswick
For a democratic and fighting NUS

I am a committed activist and socialist who has been campaigning on and off campus for the past three years. Last September I helped organised a 1000 strong protest against the imposition of the new unsafe junior doctor contract - helping to build support for the doctor’s strike.
 If elected I will fight for the NUS to place itself at the heart of every struggle. I will campaign for the NUS to use its resources and authority to organise and lead national action in defense of education – including defending NHS bursaries, fighting for free education and opposing Prevent.


Thomas Collins
A voice for all

My name is Thomas Collins and I am a 2nd year student at the University of Exeter. If you elect me for the Block of 15 then I am going to stand up for all voices on University campuses, not just a select few. I will oppose any attempts to limit free speech and I will push for transparency within the NUS. I have been doing all of this in my current role as a Guild Councillor at Exeter Students' Guild and want to be able to voice students concerns on the national stage.

Kira Cox
Count on Kira

Hi, I’m Kira Cox, currently the President at Liverpool Hope Students’ Union. I am standing to be a member of NEC because I am fed up of having to explain to my students that NUS is more than a discount card. I want an NUS that is representative, realistic and relevant to its members. We need a National Union which continues to change lives by fighting for students rights.


Sion Davies
Let's Make NUS Great Again!

Shwmae! Hello! I’m Siôn Davies - NUS Wales’ Welsh Language Officer and the current President of Coleg Sir Gâr Students’ Union, an FE college in Llanelli, South Wales.

I’m standing for NUS’ Block of 15 because NUS needs a National Executive Council which is able to represent the true diversity of political views found in our colleges and universities.

More than anything, I want an NUS which is united by our common goals, not divided by our petty differences. Our students deserve better!

 It’s time for real change. It’s time for fresh ideas.


Hassun El Zafar
Dream it. Believe it. Build it.

Being involved in our student movement is an incredibly enriching experience; we are capable of so much, from making our institutions divest millions from fossil fuels, bringing the plight of the on-going refugee crisis to our university boards, challenging draconian governmental policies and even reshaping views towards mental health within our society.

I want to help us maintain an NUS which thrives, demands and supports campaigns which call for a better education, society and world for us all.

Education Officer Sheffield Hallam SU
Disabled Rep NUS Black Students Campaign
NUS HE rep the UCAS National Council

Matt Grange

Hi, I'm Matt. I believe the purpose of education is to create a better society. Our movement – 600 students’ unions – has the ideas and the power to create the education system we want it to be. But our movement has lost its way. We have to remember the millions of students who need us to show bold leadership and challenge students' unions to be better. I changed my SU when it was failing -I’m standing for Block to make the same change at NUS. To make our movement work better for everyone. VOTE MATT GRANGE #1 BLOCK


Joseph Haslam
#HaslamHasFight for #FreeEducation, Against tory capitalism!

You already know, over the past year we've faced unprecedented attacks from government, on every front, more relentlessly than ever. The depressing thing is, you could've said that last year too.


We've to start a fightback the government can't ignore, make the student strike happen, if not, we're sitting ducks!

Elect me to fight long & hard, make the student strike happen, step up our campaign against government! We need to change the game, instead of us reacting to what they do, we force them to react to what we do! Vote for me and together we'll fight.


Charley Hasted
I am a dedicated and hardworking Trans FE Student

I've worked to deliver a range of results for students at my college and in my position as FE rep on NUS LGBT+ Committee Including challenging PREVENT, combatting Sexual harassment in my college, and working to bring new colleges into NUS events.

I'm standing for Block because I want to see greater equality between FE nd HE students in NUS. We are two thirds of NUS membership and we deserve an equal standing in NUS's Governance.

Kyle Henry

I came to university in 2009 to study accountancy, but stayed for the societies. It was being in Enactus, drama shows, dance competitions and raising £30,000 for RAG that I will remember, not the exams, essays and all-nighters in the library from being at Strathclyde.

I became VPVD (Volunteering & Development) for the sole purpose of enhancing student experience through extra curricular activities and volunteering. This is something I believe benefits both the student experience and a community as a whole.


Rachel Holland

I’ve sat on NUS’s National Executive Council for one year, and have seen first-hand the debate, arguments and issues that NUS have faced. I’m re-running for the Block of 15 because NUS needs to bring the debate back to its membership and ensure that its policies are backed up with practical action. I believe in fair access to education, a collective approach to tackling issues and ensuring that a diverse range of voices can be heard in the fight for a better deal for students. #ReElectRachel to NEC for a National Union that delivers.


Zamzam Ibrahim

My name is Zamzam and this year I’ve been an elected Vice President at University of Salford SU.
 Block was once the eyes and the ears of the student movement. It was a bridge that allowed Unions to feed into the National Executive Committee. I believe that having a strong passion for the student movement is vital and it is this type of passion that drives NUS. This passion has made us stronger in advancing the student movement. So why am I running for Block of 15? because I have the passion and determination to bridge that gap.

Scott Ideson
A NUS for all students

I’m a second year student nurse studying BSc Children’s Nursing at London South Bank University.

I’m currently the Nursing Students’ Officer at LSBSU representing the views of over 1100 undergraduate, postgraduate and part-time student nurses from across our two campuses.

I have a background in grassroots activism; lobbying for students and campaigning for equality and to save our NHS.

I'm standing for NEC to represent the thousands of Health and Social Care students across the country that are currently underrepresented and disproportionately affected by decisions made for us, purely because of the nature of our courses.


Sahaya James
National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

As an unpaid FE college President, I frought for my union to exist, let alone get it resourced – while my college tried to expel me. As an activist, I’ve organised national demos for free education. And as a member of the NEC, I’ve held our full-time officers to account.

I’ve done all of this without a penny from NUS, and with almost no central support. That’s because NUS has the wrong priorities: we have an NUS that is obsessed with brands and networking. What we need is an NUS that engages its membership, and gets the basics right.


Siobhan Kelly
Vote Strong, Vote Siobhan

Hello friends, My name is Siobhan Kelly and I am a second year President of Roehampton Students' Union. I was elected as the first female president, with a population of 70% females at our institution - glass ceilings are there to be broken and I am firm believer that I am the right person to have a seat on NEC to help break these. I am passionate about bringing positive change to students on a local level, and now wanting to take this one step further on a national level.

Muzzamil Khan

Hi i'm Muzz, current Bradford College President and I'm running to be on the Block of 15.

While i'm lucky to be President of one of the larger and better resourced FE unions in England, many fellow FE sabbs aren't so lucky and I want to help make better use of the resources available to me and through NUS, to give back to the FE sector and students and ensure that FE stays on the agenda throughout NUS' work.

Make sure to vote Muzz #1 for Block of 15


Rojan Kumar
I am a fighter no politician

Currently I am NUS Scotland Executive Representative and ENSA (Edinburgh Napier Students Association) - Vice President of Reps & Volunteers(ENSA incoming President 16/17), and a committed Trade Unionist (Unison). I came into student’s politics in 2008 and started from College and now continuing in University and NUS Scotland. So from 2008 I have represented all the FE, HE & International students because I know very well about student’s issues and I involved with lots of campaign in Scotland & UK. Please give me an Opportunity to show my solidarity!!


Izzy Lenga
Vote Izzy 'Jenga' Lenga for Block

I'm Izzy Jenga Lenga and I'm running to be your representative on Block.

 As Education Officer at Birmingham Guild of Students, a current NEC member, Soc & Cit committee member and ARAF co-convenor, I have seen the good, the bad and the very ugly of NUS over the last year. I’m re-running for Block of 15 to ensure that we construct an NUS that has your interests at its core.

 Vote Izzy Jenga Lenga for #1 for Block of 15

Jasmine Manning

Hey, I’m Jazz - a level three business admin apprentice. As a founding member of the National Society of Apprentices, I represent over 150 000 apprentices. I’ve attended many NUS events from Women in Leadership to Zone conference and never found a space for me. I want to change that. NUS needs to reflect its values of collectivism and inclusivity and give apprentices the voice we deserve.


Rosie McKenna

I'm running for Block because I #LoveSUs, and I want to put you at the heart of your national movement. So elect me for someone who wants to imbed NUS’s ARAF work into all our training, as a core value of our movement. Elect me for someone who knows the value of SUs and student opportunities, who knows the personal growth and activism that comes out of these spaces, who wants everyone to find their home in their Union.

Elect me, and NEC will be coming up Rosie. Vote Rosie McKenna No.1 for Block of 15. Thanks for reading!


Sean McNamee

Being on a good apprenticeship is often down to luck. I have had 3 different employers in the past 3 years. The time where apprentices were there to make the tea and do the jobs no one else wants to is long gone. Students should not be given a substandard education just because they’re an apprentice. If we want a highly skilled workforce, we need quality apprenticeships.

Caoimhe McNeill
For a United, Representative NUS

My name is Caoímhe McNeill. I’m the President of Queen’s University Belfast Students’ Union and have sat on NEC this year as the NUS-USI 2nd place, representing Colleges and Universities from Northern Ireland. This year I’m running for Block of 15 at NUS Conference.

 We need an NEC that is representative of our membership, that will hold our officers to account and who will work together to fight for and with students. I am proud to be part of our student movement and will continue to fight for and with students.

 #CaoimheCan @caoimhemcneill


Ali Milani
Our Movement Matters

Its been a difficult year for students. Attack after attack; cut after cut. We are seeing the most vulnerable in our society driven out of education. This is all happening as our national movement seems more divided than ever.

But I am more optimistic now than 12 months ago.

Because for the first time in my lifetime, many of our national officers see the purpose of a strong, relentless national movement that wins for students. I am standing to be on the national executive to help continue our work towards a stronger and more transformative national union of students.

Rory Murray

I'm Rory Murray, currently Vice President Welfare (and next year's President Elect) at Kent Union. Throughout my time in the student movement I have worked tirelessly to support and defend the rights of students. From working to rid my campus of loan sharks as well as running time to change workshops to get students talking about mental health, I know how powerful the student movement can be when we are united together creating positive change. I’m running for block to make sure mental health matters, we work for safe affordable homes and have Students’ Unions leading the way.


Daniel Nikolla
Diversity, Unity against Austerity #Fight4FE

Daniel Nikolla is running for NUS NEC, after a successful year where he also received ‘NUS International Students’ Best Officer of the Year’ (Highly Commended), being the only FE awarded.

He’s stood against austerity, racist Prevent Agenda, and has championed the rights of the marginalised and promoted BME and female students.

 When he isn’t in campus, he puts energy into building Student Union networks externally.

 Dan’s standing as a FE non-sabbatical officer, active in the NUS FE's and International Students' campaigns and the Student Assembly against Austerity, who has joined occupations and led campaigns.


Barbara Ntumy
Free education - fight cuts, racism, war

I'm standing for the NUS NEC to build a fighting student movement that takes on the Tories - no cuts, racism, wars and climate change.

Education is being destroyed, our NHS is at breaking point and austerity is making us poorer. We’ve got to unite together and fight back to save all of our futures.

I’m active in the NUS Women’s and Black Students’ Campaigns, have built grassroots campaigns at London Met where I have just been elected as a Sabbatical Officer and am active in the Student Assembly Against Austerity, Stand Up To Racism and Stop the War.


Ana Oppenheim
National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

My name is Ana Oppenheim and I’m the Campaigns Officer at SUARTS. I’m also a Polish migrant, a socialist feminist and a member of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts – fighting for a free, accessible, democratic and liberated education for all.

I'm standing for election because I've seen and experienced the impact that austerity and the marketisation agenda has had on education. We need an NUS that supports grassroots activism, builds coalitions with trade unions and is unafraid to take action aganst the government.


Omar Raii
National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

Hi, I'm Omar and I'm a member of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, an activist with UCL Free Education as well as a supporter of the ideas of Workers' Liberty. I want to fight for a student movement that is internationalist and supports solidarity with students and workers across borders, that orientates towards the labour movement and working-class struggle and that is firmly open and democratic. I was us to recapture a spirit of open debate, freedom of organisation, speech and action in order to effectively fight for the political change we want to see.

Ashley Reed
Reed; fight harassment, support sex workers

My experience as a trans and disability activist, which has included me speaking in Parliament on trans rights, will make me an invaluable member of NEC. Not only can I bring a massive amount of knowledge about liberation issues to the table but I also understand how to make an effective activist campaign, which is what I want the NUS to be.

Vote for me if you want the NUS to work to create support for student sex workers, to challenge and prevent harassment of marginalised students and to push for legal recognition of non-binary identities.


Jessica Rich
Action, Reaction and Student Satisfaction

I have been welcomed into NUS this year and I have seen the way it can help students. I want to help NUS to grow so that we can fight for the rights of all students. I care about the work WE can do together and I want to help lay groundwork that will improve the lives of the students of today and of tomorrow.


Millie Tanner
For students and SUs #TeamTanner

I’m the President at Durham SU and was elected to NUS UD Zone Committee.

For too long, we’ve talked about making NUS relevant to its members – it’s time NEC started to listen and do the same. This year we’ve seen policy passed by our National Union that students in my SU see as irrelevant or just plain wrong. We need our national representatives to be just that: representative.

I’m not interested in a political career or making cheap political jibes – I want students and SUs at the heart of our NUS, and that’s what I'll fight for.



Dean Wilson

Hi! :) You should elect me for NEC because- conference?

I am ANGRY. I'm angry that a year ago, policy didn't pass because of technicalities. I'm angry that minority students are *consistently* drowned out. I'm angry that people always leave during the nations address! We can change all of this.

Many of the conferences are not accessible, there is racism and antisemitism, and STILL, somehow, the gender options are not good enough.

Vote #Dean4Fifteen, for an irish, nonbinary, intersectional, angry (but friendly!) passionate radical feminist not afraid to make change. Tweet me, @artsyirish with any questions! :) x


Yinbo Yu

I’m Yinbo Yu, a sabbatical officer at UEA. I believe in the power of NUS to change students’ lives. I started out as a typical international student – isolated, lonely and scared. It was through being involved in societies that I gained the insight and confidence to branch out and challenge the world, culminating in winning this year’s NUS International Students’ Officer of the Year Award. More international students need to experience what I could. The more united we are, the stronger our movement can be. I will provide that voice, mobilise those students, bring our communities closer together


Re open nominations (RON)



The full list of candidate nominations can be found here.

The Block of 15 will be elected during NUS National Conference, which takes place at The Brighton Centre from Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 April 2016.

We will be releasing the manifestos for all of the candidates standing for positions at National Conference online here.


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